Your challenges

Source Summits are an open conference where you set the topics based on your challenges. Source Summit is more timely and relevant than traditional conference formats.

Perspectives you'll never encounter elsewhere

Source Summits are curated from a wide range of disciplines and geographies, connecting you with a whole range of new perspectives.

Insights you'll put to use

Over 95% of Source Summit participants leave with actionable insight that they apply within a week or less, and most make long-lasting connections to collaborators and advisors.

Learn from the source

You’ll meet people engaged in a range of related fields — all sharing their experience in the name of progressing the state-of-the-art.

Develop the state of the art

By staying focused on real experiences, we evolve practices in a variety of disciplines. Source Summit is where thought leaders emerge.

How does it work?

We start the day by setting the schedule together. The rest of the day is parallel tracks of short sessions. You'll have the choice of 12 to 18 interactive topics throughout the day.

How does it work?

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